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Key Associates

Fletcher Conlon

Fletcher Conlon, the over-all Production Supervisor, is a multi-talented eleven year veteran of Dunham Studios. A computer graphic artist as well, Fletcher is responsible for creating the extraordinary Dunham Studios digital backdrops, detailed info-rails and custom control panels as well as all the three-dimensional design and technical computer drawings from which Dunham Studios projects are built. Among his other talents are scale models, casting, train detailing and repairs as well as trouble-shooting mechanical problems. He has also worked as Clarke’s design assistant for a variety of theater productions.

Delia Bowstead

Delia Bowstead, trestles, bridges, cities, and terrain for The Stations, Des Moines, Omaha, North Creek and every other major Dunham Studios layout. Delia created the fantastic scale models (over 6′ across) of Cincinnati Union Terminal and Crosley Field (over 12′ across), the wonderfully detailed historical buildings on the North Creek Depot Museum and the entire City of Montpelier, Vermont layout among many others. She has expanded Clarke’s techniques for carving terrain in forced perspective has given wonderful new meaning to the word “realistic.” Delia first learned model making from her architect father, John Bowstead. Since working with Dunham Studios she has become one of the most accomplished layout artists in the U.S., – and one of very few women working in a field that has traditionally been a “guy thing”. Except here at Dunham Studios. Delia is married to custom furniture designer John Schulz and is his partner in Schulz & Bowstead.

James Maday

Jim, a skilled carpenter and cabinetmaker and long time Dunham Studios veteran, has contributed his talents to countless Dunham Studios projects, among them The Station, Altoona, Cincinnati and North Creek Depot Museum layouts as well as all private client layouts for Dunham Studios.

Gerald Espenshade

Gerald Espenshade, another twenty year veteran of Dunham Studios in electrics, electronics, track laying and carpentry: Gerald, has for years been instrumental in the building of Dunham Studios major public and private layouts including The Stations, Des Moines, Altoona, Cincinnati, Omaha, and the North Creek Depot Museum layout. Gerry is responsible for the electric and electronic side of Dunham Studios layouts.

Roy Baker

Roy Baker, sculptor, model maker: Roy, a skilled photographer has worked on many Dunham Studios projects including The Stations, Altoona, Williamsburg and North Creek Depot Museum as a sculptor, painter or model maker. Roy’s mold-making skills have revolutionized the way Dunham Studios deals with walls, bridges and building parts. In particular, his many custom bridges give Dunham Studios’ scale and Hi-Rail layouts a bright and distinctive look. Like many members of Dunham Studios, he has also assisted Clarke on projections for theater projects in New York at Lincoln Center and the 92nd Street Y.

Zoe Morsette

Zoe Morsette, sculpture, scenery and model making: Zoe has built props and done specialty costume work for many Broadway productions including Clarke’s Drama Desk nominated production of Candide, and the long running Beauty and the Beast (in New York and abroad). She has built headwear for Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes and for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (including 75 costumes and hats for the 2001 version) and is a puppet maker. Zoe, like Rand, was one of the artists who created the original Station in 1987 and has sculpted terrain and created models for all major Dunham Studios layouts including, among others, Cincinnati, Des Moines and Williamsburg.

Randy Angelicola

Rand Angelicola, Clarke’s assistant on many of his Broadway projects, was one of the core group of artists who created the original Citibank Station in 1987. Rand has created backdrops for all major Dunham Studios exhibits (The Stations, Williamsburg, Des Moines, Cincinnati, Altoona and Cincinnati, Railroads On Parade) including the dimensional art-deco New York City skyline for both the Stations. Multi-talented, Rand has been a scenic artist for nearly every major film shot in New York in the last decade among them the Diego Rivera Rockefeller Center murals for “Cradle Will Rock” . Rand is also a talented portrait painter, muralist, designer and painter of scenery for opera, ballet and puppet theater.

Andrew deLivron

Andrew deLivron, computer programming and lighting: Andy has been programming the day /night sequences for Dunham Studios layouts for nearly ten years. A lighting designer as well as a computer programmer, Andy assists Clarke on the lighting for The Station on an ongoing basis. Andy also maintains the web site for

John Schulz

John Schulz, signs and carpentry: John is a master craftsman and cabinetmaker, a designer and builder of custom furniture, as well as a carpenter for Broadway and national television projects. For Dunham Studios, he has contributed to Altoona and Tennessee, as well as working in partnership with his wife, Delia Bowstead, on the models for Cincinnati Union Terminal and Crosley Field.

Dawn Brazee

Dawn Brazee, model maker/painter: Dawn has worked on the display end of theme parks and as a commercial artist. At Dunham Studios she specialized in creating scratch-built buildings from photographic research, many of which are prominently displayed on the Cincinnati, Altoona as well as the North Creek Depot Museum layout and also numerous private displays.

Explanation of above layouts and links to the layouts:

Altoona: Altoona Railroaders Museum, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Cincinnati: “Cincinnati in Motion,” 7,000 square foot historically accurate scale layout for Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Des Moines: Valley Junction Train Museum, Des Moines, Iowa (now closed). Layout purchased and re-mounted by the Cincinnati Museum Center for their “Holiday Junction” Christmas Celebration. Not to be confused with “Cincinnati in Motion.”

Omaha: Originally built for Willie Theisen who donated it to the Western Heritage Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

Nashville, Tennessee: Originally built as a holiday display for the Opryland Hotel, this layout is now owned by MTH Electric Trains (Mike’s Train House).

Williamsburg: Now seen as the “Hell Gate Exhibit” at the new Railroads On Parade, this toy-look layout that, along with the original Citibank Station, and two hands-on layouts, made up the displays for the attraction “America’s Railroads on Parade” in Williamsburg, Virginia.

North Creek Depot Museum Train Display: Opened in the summer of 2004, an historical recreation of the Adirondack Railway which ran between Saratoga, New York and North Creek in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.